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What is LDS Philanthropies?

Scholarships & Grants

BYU-Idaho awards scholarships to students who have demonstrated outstanding achievements in academics, leadership, service, talent, or major.

Grants-in-aid allow us to meet the needs of students who may not qualify for scholarship awards or require extra support to reach their educational goals.

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The university carefully awards modest scholarships so we may reach more students with the available funds. But as thousands more students attend BYU-Idaho, the need for scholarship and grant-in-aid awards proportionally increases.

You can assist students based on need or merit, lend a hand to those from disadvantaged backgrounds, or even provide unique learning experiences.

We welcome your participation and invite your gifts in support of BYU-Idaho students.


As the BYU-Idaho student body grows, your opportunity to make a real difference through scholarships increases.

Whether based on need or merit, scholarships provide direct support to students. Some scholarship programs even provide unique learning experiences to recipients.

In either case, philanthropic contributions have a profound effect on BYU-Idaho's ability to provide scholarships to deserving students.

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General Scholarships

Whether based on need or merit, scholarships are direct methods of supporting students in their desires to further their education and to have greater opportunities down the road. These awards help lower the cost of education for students.

You can become a partner with BYU-Idaho in making these scholarship awards a reality for more young men and women. Lives will be changed, and you will be helping to shape the future leaders.

We invite you to join us in contributing to BYU-Idaho Scholarships.

Department of Academic Learning

The Department of Academic Learning helps students learn how to learn and master essential skills in six specific subjects: reading, writing, math, study skills, learning disabilities, and general tutoring.

One of the most noteworthy characteristics of Academic Learning is that the services are free. While tutors are paid an hourly wage, this cost is not passed on to student patrons.

You can support this worthwhile student service through contributions to the Department of Academic Learning.

Your gifts will be used to provide student tutor scholarships (or wages), helping ensure that there are sufficient peer tutors for the needs of a growing student body.

Experiential Learning

Through leadership opportunities, BYU-Idaho is successfully preparing and qualifying young people to become the values- and service-based leaders the world is so desperately lacking today.

You have the opportunity to join with us in affecting the personal growth of these young people.

We welcome your participation in this specific scholarship program that offers awards to students who participate in leadership opportunities. by donating to Experiential Learning.

Heber J. Grant Program

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The Heber J. Grant Program began at Brigham Young University-Idaho in 2005. The objective of the Program is to identify and assist individuals in their efforts to overcome disadvantaged backgrounds by providing financial support, mentoring, life skills training, and more. The program is built on the principles of self-reliance, stewardship, and replenishment.

Your financial contribution to the HJG is more than a monetary donation; it is an investment in the lives of students who seek permanent change and preparation for life and work.

HJG scholars set a new tradition of education and success for themselves and for the generations that come after them.


Grants-in-aid are need-based and offer financial assistance to students who, for reasons such as coming from families with modest means or coming from distant lands at great personal sacrifice, are unable to pay the full cost of their education. Although tuition at BYU-Idaho is considerably less than at most universities, it is still out of reach for many. Your investment in the grant-in-aid program opens a life-changing door for many students—changing their whole future. Often a small amount of financial assistance is all students need to start them on the road to a college degree.

Grants-in-aid assist hard-working students who do not qualify for academic or other merit-based scholarships, but are in need of financial assistance because of serious economic limitations. Your support of these students can provide immediate and long-term benefits. Often, once the stress of financial survival is alleviated, there is a dramatic improvement in the recipient’s academic performance. Many of these students later qualify for scholarships, having achieved far beyond their previously perceived level of capability.

The academic and spiritual growth that these students experience at BYU-Idaho is often unexpected; yet, it has the potential of helping them become successful parents, strong Church leaders, and active citizens in their communities and as part of the global society.

General Grant-in-Aid Fund

Grants-in-aid assist hard-working students who do not qualify for academic or other merit-based scholarships, but are in need of financial assistance because of serious economic limitations. Your support of these students can provide immediate and long-term benefits.

We invite you to support grants-in-aid at BYU-Idaho. Your gift will assist hard-working students who may not qualify for academic or other merit-based scholarships but who, because of serious economic limitations, are in need of financial assistance. This little act of kindness is often all they need to be successful and will mean more to some of these young people than you will probably ever know.

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